The International Undergraduate Program in International Relations
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta


Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada administers International Undergraduate Program (IUP) to prepare students with academic competence for international engagement. The aim is however not merely to participate as a member of world society, but also and more importantly to bring about changes and transformation of the existing political, economic and social conditions into a better world. Indeed, the program is an endeavour toward a just, peaceful and civilised global society. Courses offered are structured along two main threads. Firstly, the courses are a set of studies on specific international relations related objects. Secondly, the courses are also about a specific way international relations is portrayed and a specific subject position on what kind a better future should be. In this respect, students will not be equipped with merely knowledge and skills, but the one that allow students to have critical attitude toward such conditions in international relations as injustice, inequality, poverty, environmental degradation and violence. Specifically, the program is to develop innovative and collaborative learning process in the study of international relations. It is also to promote problem solving-oriented research in this academic field. In addition its mission is to facilitate students oriented toward reflection, action and emancipation.


As of which has been established in its recent curriculum, the program will focus on five areas of study. Those are as follow:

  1. International Politics
    International politics endeavour to explore issues, concepts, policies and theorisation in the realms of diplomacy, foreign policy, international organisation, international regime and international law. It also includes new topics in international relations such as globalisation, gender, environment and human rights.
  2. International Security Studies
    This area of interests discuss in details issues, policies, conceptualisation and theory on security, humanitarian intervention, arms control and disarmament, war and diplomacy and international humanitarian law.
  3. Conflict and Peace Studies
    This specific field of study is an attempt to delve into the enhancement of issues, practices and theories of international peace as to comprehend peace processes and operation. It also deals with the question on how newer context and norms (such as gender and human security) shape and enrich peace building process.
  4. International Political Economy
    International Political Economy is designed to explore issues, concepts and theories in the realms of international development and cooperation, global political economy, politics of trade and finance, business diplomacy and global value chain.
  5. Comparative Politics
    This field of study is designed to provide students with ability to apply comparative studies on issues, concepts and theories such as democracy, military and politics, political party and public policy.

In addition to these fields of studies the program also offers courses on area studies. This includes studies on state and society in areas such as Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America and Pacific.


  1. Diplomacy
    Competencies in knowledge and skills oriented toward future career potential in foreign ministry and other diplomatic institutions such as embassy and foreign mission in Indonesia.
  2. Transnational Affairs
    Focusing on the knowledge and skills for pursuing career in international institutions and transnational cooperation.
  3. Analysts and Academia
    Provide students with knowledge and skills to engage in research and teaching profession in the field of international relations.
  4. Journalism
    Provide students with the capability to enter into the journalistic and mass media world using their skills and knowledge related to transnational and international affairs.


Our Department has been cooperating with leading universities in the world as well as assessment of the membership and cooperation with international associations, such as the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) and the Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA). We are continually collaborating with;

Ohio State University
Columbia University
Yale University
Nagoya University
Australia National University
University of Queensland
University of Sydney
University of Freiburg
Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris
Malmo University
National University of Singapore
University of Malaya


Ichlasul Amal
Drs (UGM, 1967); MA (University of Northern Illinois, 1974); Ph.D (Monash University, 1985), Prof. (UGM, 1994)
International Development, Governance, Indonesia, Developing Countries

M. Amien Rais
Drs (UGM, 1968), MA (University of Notre Dame, 1974); Ph.D (University of Chicago ,1981); Prof. (UGM, 1999)
International Politics, Strategy, Middle East, Russia

Jahja A. Muhaimin
Drs (UGM, 1971); Ph.D (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982); Prof. (UGM, 2006)
Military Politics, Foreign Policy, Indonesia, Japan

M. Mohtar Mas’oed
Drs (UGM, 1975), Ph.D (Ohio State University, 1983), Prof. (UGM, 2002)
International Political Economy, Theory and Methodology, Indonesia, Latin America, Southeast Asia

Budi Winarno
Drs (UGM, 1972); MA (University of Denver, AS 1977); Ph.D (University of Missouri, AS 1985); Prof. (UGM, 2004)
Public Policy, Global Issues, Russia, the United States

Ilien Halina
Dra (UGM, 1971); M.Si (UGM, 1985)
International Organization, Regimes, Southeast Asia

Usmar Salam
Drs (UGM, 1980); M.Int.Stu (Sophia University, 1989)
International Law, Tourism, Japan

Siti Muti’ah Setyawati
Dra (UGM, 1986); MA (University of London, 1991); Doctor (UGM, 2007)
Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Geopolitics, Middle East, Europe

Siti Daullah Khoiriati
Dra (UGM, 1987); MA (International University of Japan, 1991); Ph.D Candidate at Nagoya University/Aichi University
Investment Politics, International Development, Japan

Dafri Agussalim
Drs (UGM, 1987); MA (ANU, 1995)
International Security, Human Rights, Australia and the Pacific

Muhadi Sugiono
Drs (UGM, 1989); MA (ANU, 1995); Ph.D Candidate at Universitat Meinheim
Globalization, Theoris in International Politics, European Union

Samsu Rizal Panggabean
Drs (UGM, 1990); M.Sc (George Mason University, 1996); Ph.D Candidate at UGM
International Security, Conflict Resolution, Diplomacy, Africa

Nanang Pamuji Mugasejati
Drs (UGM, 1992); Ph.D (Nagoya University, 2002)
Politics of International Cooperation, Regimes, Japan

Riza Noer Arfani
Drs (UGM, 1992); MA (Syracuse University, 1998)
International Political Economy, Environmental Politics, Latin America, Southeast Asia

Diah Asitadani
SIP (UGM, 1995); MA (Leeds University, 1998); Ph.D Candidate at University of Geneve
Theories of International Relations, Indonesia

Eric Hiariej
SIP (UGM, 1995); M.Phil (ANU, 2004); Ph.D (ANU, 2009).
Structuralism, Radicalism, Indonesia, Latin America

Ririn Tri Nurhayati
SIP (UGM, 1997); M.Si (UGM, 2001); MA (Waseda University, 2003)
Politics of International Law, Gender, Minorities, Japan

Nur Rachmat Yuliantoro
SIP (UGM, 1997); MA (Flinders University, 2005); Ph.D (Flinders University, 2011)
Research Methods of IR, Political Corruption, China, the United States

Poppy Sulistyaning Winanti
SIP (UGM, 1997); MPP (Korean Development Institute, 2002); Ph.D Candidate at University of Glasgow
International Political Economy, Trade Politics, Korea, Southeast Asia

Diah Kusumaningrum
SIP (UGM, 2000); MA (University of Bradford, 2005); Ph.D Candidate at Rutgers the State University of New Jersey
Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution, Africa, Latin America

Ahmad Hanafi Rais
SIP (UGM, 2003); MPP (NUS, 2008)
Public Policy, Europe

Maharani Hapsari
SIP (UGM, 2002); MA (Nagoya University, 2009); Ph.D Candidate at Nagoya University
Environmental Politics, Japan

SIP (UMY, 2005); M.Si (UGM, 2007); Ph.D Candidate at Western Sydney University, Australia
Environmental Politics, Middle East

Rochdi Mohan Nazala
SIP (UGM, 2004); MSA (ANU, 2008); MA Candidate at St. Andrews University, Scotland
International Security, Theory of International Politics

Titik Firawati
SIP (UGM, 2001); MA (University of Notre Dame, 2009)
Conflict Resolution, Peace Studies

Dedy Permadi
SIP (UGM, 2007); MA (UGM 2009)
International Political Economy, Politics of International Cooperation, East Asia

Annisa Gita Srikandini
SIP (UGM, 2007); MA (Groningen University, 2010)
Peace Studies, Humanitarian Action, Europe

Muhammad Rum
SIP (UGM, 2008); IMAS (University of Malaya, 2010)
ASEAN Studies, Southeast Asia, Political Economy of Development

Muhammad Faris Al-Fadhat
SIP (UMY, 2008), MA (UGM, 2010)
Foreign Policy, Islam Politics, Indonesia

Suci Lestari Yuana
SIP (UGM, 2009)
Globalization, Development Studies, East Asia

Randy Wirasta Nandyatama
SIP (UGM, 2009)
International Politics, Politics of International Cooperation, China


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