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Computer Science International Undergraduate Program (CS-IUP)
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta

In response to fast-paced progress in information and communication technology (ICT) and increasing global and national demands for ICT professionals, the Computer Science International Undergraduate Program is established in Universitas Gadjah Mada starting in academic year 2011/2012. The program offers overseas as well as Indonesian students an opportunity to study and obtain their Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with international standard and excellent curriculum.

The curriculum allows students to select one from four specializations: computation, intelligent systems, computer systems and networks, and information systems and multimedia. Each specialization is backed up by a research lab, where lecturers specializing in that area and students collaborate in an invigorating research environment.

In order to complete their study and obtain a degree, a student must have passed at least 144 credits of courses. The courses are divided into three categories: core (105 credits), specialization (15 credits) and elective. Both core and specialization courses are mandatory. The core courses are common to all specializations.

Students are required to take a 3-credit community service and a 6-credit thesis in the final stage of the program. The community service is a program where students are put in a real work setting for a certain duration of time equivalent to a minimum of 288 hours. The standard completion time of the program is 8 semesters (4 years).


To be an internationally well-known and nationally leading faculty in education, research, and community-service activities and to produce graduates who are competent in their field, literate in information technology, entrepreneurial and competitive nationally and internationally.


The mission of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is:

  1. To carry out frontier research-based education in mathematics and natural sciences, up to post-graduate programs, with world-class and potential graduates by developing all departments and study programs.
  2. To carry out world-class fundamental and applied researches in an integrated manner to promote science and technology development for the nation’s and society’s welfare by developing all departments and research groups.
  3. To increase the faculty’s role in industry, information and communication technology, energy, environment, health and economy so that stakeholders may cooperatively develop and apply mathematics and natural sciences.
  4. To increase the faculty’s role as a valuable institution for society through activities that employ mathematics and natural sciences for propping up society’s welfare and well-being both in material and spiritual aspects.
  5. To make the faculty as a service center for research, training and consulting in mathematics and natural sciences and their applications.
  6. To realize the faculty as a good governance institution in order to support UGM as a self-sufficient university.


The CS-IUP commits to provide students with an education of the highest possible quality. There is essential policy of the program in terms of developing a program that provides resources to help students to be competitive in pursuing their future careers. In line with the Faculty's vision and mission, the general goals and objectives of Computer Science International Undergraduate Program are to:

  • Expand and reshape portfolio of the CS-IUP’s services to higher quality and internationally competitive educational programs.
  • Drive CS-IUP’s position in international market of higher education in computer science.
  • Meet international market demands for internationally oriented graduates.
  • Strengthen the nation (especially UGM) competitiveness.

Contact & Information

Dr. Azhari, SN., M.T
email: arisn@ugm.ac.id
mobile: 08157929797

Anny Kartika Sari, Ph. D
mobile: 082226236355


Ilmu Komputer International Program
Sekip Unit III, FMIPA Gedung Selatan
Yogyakarta 55281
Telephone: +62 (274) 546194
Facsimile: +62 (274) 556194
Email: cs-iup@ugm.ac.id

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