Universitas Gadjah Mada UM.UGM

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International Undergraduate Program UGM


Information on International Undergraduate Program Admission is available at the following links:

No Faculty Website
1 Faculty of Economics and Bussiness http://iup.feb.ugm.ac.id
2 Faculty of Law http://iup.law.ugm.ac.id/
3 Faculty of Psychology http://iup.psikologi.ugm.ac.id/admission/
4 Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences http://ugm.id/pY
5 Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing http://fk.ugm.ac.id/iup/
6 Faculty of Social and Political Sciences http://hi.fisipol.ugm.ac.id/iup/
7. Faculty of Biology http://iup.biologi.ugm.ac.id/

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